Readers’ Choice Award Winner

Readers’ Choice Award Winner


BõKU® Wins Natural News Readers’ Choice Award

Reader’s Choice – Best Superfood Powder = (It’s a tie!)

There was never really any question that this category was a competition between Delicious Greens and BōKU® Superfood. They were neck and neck at several points, and then one would edge out to take the lead for a while until the other one caught up.

What’s clear from this is that the customers of Delicious Greens and BōKU® Superfood are super loyal!

During our first round of voting, in which we discovered there were some extra votes cast from the same computers, Delicious Greens received 915 votes, and BōKU® Superfood received 835.

After we reset the poll back to zero and reconfigured the poll security to limit each IP address to just one vote, Delicious Greens received 145 votes, and BōKU® Superfood received 713 (as of the time of this writing, anyway. Results may now be different).

You might think this proves the initial Delicious Greens votes were being padded, but no, that may not be the case at all! It turns out Delicious Greens has quite a following in one particularly large corporation where all its users share the same external IP address (which is actually common in a corporation). I actually read some emails sent by people from this company, and they’re legit.

Here’s the kicker: In the second round of voting, all those votes from the same company only counted as a single vote! (Because of the IP-limit security setting I felt was necessary to put in place.) So the Delicious Greens votes for the second round of voting is artificially low due to the IP voting restrictions.

The upshot of all this is that as the editor of NaturalNews, given the special circumstances surrounding the voting in this category — and the fact that all other products were a distant third to these two — I have decided to give the “Best Superfood Powder” award to both Delicious Greens and BōKU® Superfood. It seems to be the most proper result.

We’ll never actually know exactly how many votes in this category were lost due to the IP-voting restriction, nor how many extra votes were cast during round one when the restriction didn’t exist. So the only fair decision here seems to be the granting of this award to both companies. This doesn’t take away from either one, and it recognizes them both as being the top choices among NaturalNews readers. They both have outstanding products, by the way. I actually like to mix them together.

Originally Posted on January 9, 2010

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