Super Food for Dogs: Help BōKU® Win Rhe SCORE Championship, and Make This Dream A Reality!

Many pet owners consider their furry, four-legged friends a part of the family. For Lynn Rolle, founder of BōKU® Superfoods, this could not be more true. As a mother of two children (Reno Jr. and Ryann) and two dogs (Rasta and Ziggy), Lynn knows that the right diet and nutrition can help keep every member of the family, human or canine, strong and healthy. This is why BōKU® entered the SCORE Championship for small business, and needs your vote to help make this dream a reality.

After spending time researching what dog food products are currently on the market, Lynn saw a need for change. Raw hides lead to choking and torn digestive tracks. And, treats and kibble contain almost no nutritional value, and lead to a wide range of health problems. Wellness Vet Patrick Mahaney stated that the “consumption of highly processed foods and excess calories has led pets to suffer from a variety of health problems having potentially irreversible consequences, including obesity, arthritis, periodontal disease, diabetes, and cancer.”

In addition, our pets are often our fitness and health partners, and require fuel to stay active. Pet parents bring their dogs along for walks, runs, and hikes, and active pets give their owners a reason to get outside and exercise. Lynn recognizes that by creating Superfood for Dogs, BōKU® can encourage the reciprocity of health and well-being between pets and their owners.

Lynn and the BōKU® team envision a tasty and nutritional line of dog food products that are aligned with their high quality, certified organic, vegan, and kosher superfood offerings for humans. Produced in a separate facility, the product line for dogs would range from treats and meal replacement bars to kibble-enhancing powders. Superfood for Dogs would help fuel active lifestyles, reverse poor health conditions, and support long healthy lives for our pets.

The SCORE Championship contest awards $25,000 to one small business each year to help that business achieve their dreams. BōKU® has entered the contest, and needs your help to win and launch Superfood for Dogs. To help Lynn and the BōKU® team win, click on the link below and VOTE!

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