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The Ultimate Burning Man Eating List

The Ultimate Burning Man Eating List


If the Burning Man festival happens to be on your list this year, you’ll need a basic plan for what to eat. Late nights, dry, dusty climate, lots of partying and other challenges you’ll need to prepare for so nothing stands between you and an epic fun experience!

This is no time for processed, nutrient deficient junk food and sugary energy drinks. You will need proper hydration and Super foods to make the most of this adventure.

This list of essentials comes from a 20 year Burning man veteran.

Fresh Food

  • Fresh kale
  • Fresh chard
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Fresh Fruit (Plums, Peaches, Kiwi)
  • Watermelon
  • Pre-cooked beets

Fill up one or two clean gallon milk jugs with water and freeze them. Put them in your ice chest rather than ice. It will take longer for them to melt and you will have fresh drinking water.

Split your fresh food into two parts, in two ice chests. One for the beginning of the week in an ice chest you access frequently. Have a second ice chest you keep in the shade and not directly on the ground (The ground can heat up during the day) don’t open the ice chest if you can help it until you are ready to eat the contents.


  • Apple Cider vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Pink Himalayan salt

The environment is very alkaline, dry and harsh. Your body will need to replenish oils and salts. Apple cider vinegar was a secret weapon used by ancient warriors to counter the effects of dry dessert climates by supercharging health, immunity and performance.


  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice

Chop up the chard and mix it with a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Mix in a little Quinoa or rice for a healthy salad. Pre-cooked packets of rice are good so you don’t have to spend a lot of prep time.

Other items you will love

  • Miso soup (The salt and fluid will hydrate you)
  • Chia seeds (Add it to your water. The Omega 3s will give you energy and help you retain water.)
  • Seaweed (Wrap a banana in your seaweed with some pink Himalayan salt for a great snack)
  • Coconut water
  • Goji Berries
  • Pickles (The vinegar will help alkalize you)
  • KimChi & Sauerkraut (Fermented vegetables of any sort help your digestion, but keep them cool)

And of course the absolute essential Holy Trinity…

  • BōKU Superfood
  • BōKU Super Fuel
  • BōKU Vegan Protein

This Burning Man “Must have” will fuel your body fast and efficiently. Mix these incredible superfood concentrates with pure water, coconut water or your favorite non-dairy nut milk. You will be hydrated and enjoy a flood of plant based, organic superfood nutrients. They can be ordered here.

The following list is by no way complete. We would love to hear from other Burning man veterans with tips and suggestions!

Get your super food for Burning Man here.

Make Your Own Kombucha

How To Make Kombucha Tea at Home

Kombucha can be expensive to buy in the stores. But you cam make your own at home! Just follow this simple recipe.

by Reno Rolle

Avada Theme Image
Kombucha is a naturally carbonated fermented tea drink packed with enzymes, probiotics and beneficial acids. Make it at home for less than half the price of store bought.
You can make this in 15 minutes.
  • gallon size glass jar (make sure its really clean!!)
  • 1 gallon of brewed sweetened tea (ratio: 1 cup of sugar per gallon of tea) I use regular black tea, though I’ve heard of others using green or herbal teas
  • a SCOBY and ½ cup of liquid from a previous batch of Kombucha (You can find a SCOBY online or get one from someone you know who brews it. )
  • coffee filter or thin cloth and a rubber band
  1. Prepare the sweet tea. I use 1 family size tea bag or 8-10 small bags per gallon of water. Add 1 cup of regular sugar (organic preferably). Do not use honey!
  2. Let tea cool to room temperature and make sure it is really cool! This step is very important as too hot of tea can kill your SCOBY.
  3. Once tea is completely cool, pour into glass jar, leaving just over an inch of room at the top. Pour in ½ cup liquid from a previous batch of Kombucha or if starting from a dehydrated SCOBY, pour in ½ cup from a store-bought bottle of Kombucha.
  4. With very clean hands, gently place the SCOBY at the top of the jar of tea. It should float, though if it doesn’t just let it fall and don’t stick your hands in the tea!
  5. Cover the jar with the coffee filter or cloth and rubber band tightly (flies love this stuff!)
  6. Put the jar in a warm (around 70-75 degrees is best) corner of the kitchen where it is at least a few feet away from any other fermenting products.
  7. Let sit to ferment for around 7 days, though the length of time may vary depending on your temperature. You can test the Kombucha by placing a straw in the jar carefully (slide under the SCOBY) and sipping. It should taste tart but still very slightly sweet also.
  8. At this point, Kombucha is ready for a second ferment. If you aren’t doing the second ferment, just pour the kombucha into another jar or jars with airtight lids and seal until ready to drink.

You can read the whole recipe at

And if you really want to give extra power to your Kombucha, add some BoKU Superfood!

Reno Rolle is a 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year nominee and current Chairman of Boku International, an award winning, USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan super food company serving thousands of customers in 65 countries. Mr. Rollé appears with Boku regularly on Evine Live, one of Americas leading national television shopping networks.

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