Freeze Dried vs Fresh

The benefits and reasons for choosing freeze-dried product.

What are freeze-dried fruits and vegetables?

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables have been frozen and placed into a strong vacuum that sublimates the water from the produce. Meaning the ice becomes vapor. Although it may not be as juicy as fresh fruits and vegetables, the freeze-dried versions have several advantages; such as a longer shelf life and minimal loss in nutrients and minerals. Freeze-dried produce has a slight difference in taste however, when compared to produce that has been dehydrated with heat you come to realize it tastes completely normal. Let's face it, we live in a world that is on the go constantly and sometimes eating all your produce before it spoils is impossible. The perfect alternative is freeze-dried produce, its easily accessible and convenient.



As we all know, fresh fruits and vegetables tend to spoil if they are not consumed in a timely manner; which sucks! Freeze-dried produce has a much longer shelf life that maintains freshness, quality and taste. It may seem crazy because most of the food that we see now with longer shelf-lives are usually packed with preservatives and junk. That's not the case with freeze-dried ingredients, they actually preserve the integrity of the produce meaning no additives or preservatives needed. How do freeze-dried produce have such a long shelf life? I'm glad you asked, when a product is freeze dried it removes about 98% of the moisture in the food which has a huge affect on the shelf life. Hikers, backpackers and even NASA often rely on freeze-dried produce because they provide access to nutrients that the body needs without the worry of spoilage. 



The nutrients that freeze-dried produce contain is comparable to fresh fruits, but lets face it, fresh fruits and vegetables contain a vast array of essential vitamins and minerals, so don't cut them out completely. There is a minimal amount of nutrients that are lost in the freeze-drying process, but you still increase the amount of nutrients that your body gets since you are consuming the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables supply a healthy amount of fiber, beta-carotene and potassium, not to mention they are also low in calories. Many freeze-dried versions of your favorite fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C, such as bell peppers, which contain almost 31 mg of this nutrient. 


At Boku, we strive to provide quality ingredients that meet the highest standards without compromise. We are confident that there is minimal to no nutrient loss in our food powders when compared to fresh produce. In fact, we believe that in some cases our food powders are more nutritious pound for pound, especially our medicinal mushrooms, berries and green foods. As a company we take into consideration the different ways of drying ingredients and that is why we make sure to get as much information before working with any of our farmers. Some of these farmers choose to freeze dry their produce, while some of them choose to air dry at room temperature. Don't be alarmed! Air-dried produce does not result in nutrient loss and is only designed for removing moisture from the food. Rest assured that you are getting the best quality ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer!