What separates Boku from other companies?

What is different about Boku compared to other superfood companies?

When the Rolle’ family started Boku Superfoods in 2008 they’re mission was to make the best, most nutritious and genuine superfood blends on the planet, and to offer them to the world at the lowest possible price. Boku understood that the cost of many of the superfood ingredients were very high. Most often companies will decide to go to retail as soon possible in order to grow the company quickly. Unfortunately, that ultimately means ‘selling out’ and using cheaper ingredients which compromises quality. They decided to only sell Boku products on they’re own website, cutting out middlemen, while also insuring quality and the best pricing for the consumer. Never once did they consider to ‘water down’ the formulas with cheap filler ingredients.

No compromises, no BS. 

To this day this business model allows Boku to intimately deal with each organic and biodynamic farmer around the globe. Boku feels it is important to not only empower the farmer but to also travel to each farm to maintain quality relationships and to ensure that the farmers are operating with the same passion for a healthy earth, as well as same dedication to responsible supply chain management. This hands-on relationship with these wonderful farmers is almost unheard of in the marketplace… In short, they source only the world’s best ingredients, with the world’s most environmentally conscious farmers.  Boku even third-party lab tests each batch to ensure the consumers are getting the most pristine and nutrient dense foods possible. 


Obviously Boku is not about taking short cuts and view themselves as a reflection of the health we all strive to have. What also separates them from the rest is the fact that they have been family owned and operated for over ten years. Reno, his wife Lynn and their son Reno Jr. and daughter Ryann all work passionately alongside the rest of the Boku team every day. This family atmosphere is infectious and radiates the type of positive energy and togetherness seldom seen in the average workplace. It is this same energy that the Boku Family believes lies within each bag of superfood that leaves the factory.