When to take Boku?

When is the best time to consume Boku products?

Anytime you wish! Boku Super Food is not a stimulant, though it can be very energizing! Start with once a day for the first month or so in the morning, then try one in the afternoon. Boku Super Food is great as a pre- or post- workout boost! 

Products such as our Super Fuel and Super Matcha Green Tea, do contain caffeine. Depending on your sensitivities, those products may be best earlier in the day.


Most of our customers (including myself) find taking Boku first thing in the morning to be best!  I personally take Boku every morning religiously. For breakfast I take one scoop of Boku Superfood, with one scoop of Boku Super Protein to give me my full nutritional meal replacement, and this keeps me full until lunch time! 


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