Did You Gain The Quarantine 15? You Can Lose It Quickly With The BoKU Super Lean System!

Did You Gain The Quarantine 15? Here’s How To Lose It Quickly

Spending more time at home bored and anxious the last few months? If so, you may have gained the infamous Quarantine 15. With gyms closed around much of the country over the last few months, it’s been harder for many people to have the motivation to exercise at home. With social outings greatly reduced, boredom, anxiety and sedentary activity (read: binge watching favorite shows) increase. And with this trifecta comes the urge to get your snack on.


( —> Here’s a healthier TRIFECTA.)


Eating comfort food has been a favorite American pastime for decades. But over the past few months, low nutrient density snacking has surged.  


Next time you get a craving for empty-calorie comfort food, go ahead and indulge. But then pause and ask yourself “How do I feel?”  Do you feel the best you possibly can both mentally and physically? Or are you tired, feeling guilty and craving even more sugary or salty snacks soon after eating? 


If you’re still hungry shortly after eating, your body is telling you something. And the message is not that it wants more food. Rather, the message is that your body is still craving the FUEL it needs to nourish your cells and power you through life. 


Unlike processed junk food, superfoods can actually satisfy hunger.  Your body doesn’t need a ton of calories in order to be satiated. What it needs is an abundance of concentrated natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phytonutrients. 


When we fill up on nutrient-depleted processed foods, we are not satisfying our body’s need for health forming nutrition.  In other words, your body doesn’t want to be FULL, your body needs to be FUELED!  And there’s no better fuel for human performance than superfood nutrition!


How You Can Lose The Quarantine 15, Fast!


We believe that intermittent fasting combined with simply replacing one or two meals daily with a BōKU Complete Meal Kit and SuperFiber+ is the easiest and most health-forming way possible to lose unwanted weight.  We call these three awesome products the Super Lean System (Superfood powder, Super Protein and SuperFiber+).


But first, let's catch you up to speed on intermittent fasting...


We recently gave the skinny on intermittent fasting in this post about Getting Your Sizzlin’ Body Ready For Summer.


Here’s a crash course if you’re not familiar with intermittent fasting: after your last bite of food or sip of anything with calories at night, don’t consume anything with calories for at least 12 hours. For maximum weight loss potential, fast for 14-16 hours, or even longer. Try to make intermittent fasting part of your regular lifestyle. By fasting for at least half a day, every day, your body taps into its reserve energy stores (body fat) to fuel your brain and muscles. 


Then, when it’s time to have your first calories of the day, don’t eat an ordinary breakfast. Instead, flood your cells and satisfy your belly with the Super Lean System.


Instead of starving yourself, just one scoop of Superfood, Super Protein and Super Fiber+ is all it takes to fuel your body with the best low-calorie, high-nutrient density foods on the planet that make it pleasurable to lose weight. 


Together, these three powders form a complete meal, providing the phytonutrients needed to support health and the immune system as well as all the essential amino acids to support lean muscle growth and repair. And with  Fiber+, your belly will feel satisfied for hours without feeling bloated. Cravings and temptations are bested! 


Most importantly, this is not a diet in the traditional sense.  You are not abstaining or denying yourself anything.  On the contrary, this combination of Superfood, Super Protein and Super Fiber+ is pure indulgence providing a flood of nutrition that will be in your cells within minutes to satisfy your hunger!    


And if you feel the need for extra support, sprinkle a scoop of your favorite BōKU booster.  For example, if you want an energy boost for a workout, add a scoop of Super Fuel. For a longer, sustained, naturally-caffeinated and antioxidant-rich boost, add Organic Matcha Green Tea. If you want something that’s berry, berry good to add to a smoothie, BoKU Organic Berries is the powder pour vous.


So let’s review the first 3 steps for easy and fast weight loss:


  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Replace breakfast with a Super Lean System (Superfood + Super Protein + SuperFiber+)
  3. Optional: add your favorite BōKU add-on powder. 


Want to accelerate your weight loss potential? Add a fourth step: instead of an ordinary lunch, have another extraordinary BōKU Super Lean System


A fifth and final step for losing the quarantine 15 is to eat a sensible dinner. This means that you probably shouldn't order a large pizza. Instead, eat a sensible healthy meal that contains enough nutrients to help ward off late night cravings and help prepare you to cruise right through your fasting period.  



Fuel Up With Superfoods For Fast Weight Loss

Once you lose the Quarantine 15 or reach your weight loss goal, you can cut down to one BōKU Complete Meal. But your long-term goal shouldn’t be losing the Quarantine 15 (or even winning our weight loss contest). Instead, the focus should be learning how to banish cravings for empty calories once and for all. 


If you have a once-in-a-blue-moon craving and give into it, no big deal. But by fueling your body with immune-supporting superfood nutrients day in and day out, you're also detoxifying your body, which will add to your weight loss success. Ingredients in Superfood such as chlorella, a blue green algae that helps rid the body of heavy metals, will help overcome your previous attempts at weight loss that have sabotaged your desired body image for years. 


Consuming BōKU powders is a simple solution for weight management. No counting calories required, no weighing food, no food journaling. The only thing that’s required is flooding your trillions of cells with the perfect nutrition on a daily basis. 


Remember this important fact before embarking on your weight loss journey: your body is a beautiful machine and you should think of it as a Ferrari. Just like you wouldn’t fill up a Ferrari fuel tank with corn syrup or diet soda, you shouldn’t attempt to fuel your beautiful, dynamic, body with junk food. 


This advice is not just so you can fit into a new, sexy bathing suit. This is about living your best life, and having abundant steady energy that never fades, intense and unyielding focus and concentration, and increasing your vibration and consciousness. There’s no better way to achieve this than with superfood nutrition!


Getting Rid of the Quranatine 15: Conclusion 

Losing weight fast may be as easy as doing intermittent fasting, replacing breakfast and/or lunch with BoKU Super Lean System and eating a filling, sensible dinner. Do this for one month, have a look in the mirror and get ready to say hello to the new you!