The Best Green Foods to Eat This St. Patrick’s Day

The luck o’ the Irish is in the air this month, and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. As the holiday approaches, things morph into a sea of green: clothes, leprechaun hats, “Kiss me I’m Irish” buttons, even rivers and fountains dyed in emerald hues.

Of course, there’s also an influx of questionable green grub on people’s tables, like shamrock shakes and the ubiquitous green beer. But is there a healthier — yet festive — alternative to the St. Patrick’s Day diet of green eggs and ham?

This year, fill your St. Patty’s Day menu with greens that leave a jig in your step. Check out our picks for the best green foods to fill up on this holiday.


These green stalks are filled with flavor, and also delivers vitamins like K, C, and A, as well as folate, a type of B vitamin. Other nutrients found in asparagus include fiber and even protein. You can roast or steam asparagus and serve it as a side dish.


This spicy, curly-leafed green is comprised of both vitamin C and vitamin, and also delivers calcium. Arugula is delicious as a salad green, in soups, or sprinkled on top of sandwiches instead of lettuce.


Avocados have fat (about 23-grams in an average-sized fruit), but it’s monounsaturated, which makes it appealing to nutritionists. When you eat an avocado, you’ll also ingest the antioxidant lutein and vitamin E. Chop up an avocado and toss it into salads and sandwiches, or even eat it plain.



People don’t usually think of herbs when they think of green foods, but basil is a tasty addition to many meals. The herb is infused with iron and vitamin K. Clip some leaves and add them to salads or any Italian meal.

Brussels Sprouts

This cruciferous vegetable has vitamins C and A, and also delivers potassium and folate. You can steam them, or roast them after tossing the sprouts in a light olive oil and seasonings.


Mix of sprouted seeds on a wooden background

Sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition. Civilizations over the past 5,000 years have considered sprouts a veritable fountain of youth and a nutritional staple. They deliver amino acids, vital vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Enjoy sprouts on salads, sandwiches and more! You can also reap the benefits of sprouts in BōKU Super Food!

Green Tea

powdered green tea over a white

powdered green tea over a white

When you sip green tea, you’re ingesting antioxidants. Start your day with a steaming cup of Super Matcha Green Tea, which delivers flavonoids, catechins, and amino acids.

Green Beans

the green beans on blue kitchen table

Green beans might seem pretty basic, but they are infused with fiber. Lightly steam them or sauté them with garlic for a delicious and crunchy side dish.

Green Peppers

a tray of green pepper (capsicum) found in a market

When you chow down on green peppers, you’ll be accessing nutrients like beta carotene (a type of vitamin A), folate, and vitamins C and K. Cut your peppers into long slivers and eat them raw, dipped in hummus, or add them to salads.


Homemade Green Kale Chips with Vegan Cheese

This trendy, cruciferous green has grown in popularly for a reason: it delivers vitamins C, K, and A, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids. Sauté your kale to eat as a side dish, bake with olive oil and nutritional yeast for delicious chips (pictured) or massage the leaves in lemon juice and make a kale salad. You can also blend it into a shake or smoothie.


Juicy kiwi fruit in bowl on wooden background

Tangy kiwi fruits aren’t just tasty. This fuzzy food has vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, and folate. It also delivers fiber. Slice up a fresh kiwi to eat alone, or add to yogurt and salads.


A delicious fresh japanese style seaweed salad. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Popular in Japanese foods, seaweed is infused with minerals and delivers iodine and iron. Try it as a seaweed salad or sushi rolls made with seaweed. Kelp, a type of seaweed, can also be found in our flagship product, BōKU Super Food!

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