The BōKU Healthy Gift-Giving Guide

The BōKU Healthy Gift-Giving Guide

Not sure what to buy friends and family this holiday season? Give them the gift of health and save 15% when you order by Dec. 1. (Plus get a free gift!).

Here are some ideas to get you started....

For The Foodie:  Umami Seasoning 

Superfood spices that make every meal & snack a party in your mouth. Elevate your popcorn, pasta, rice, steamed veggies and more with the most delicious, most nutritious topping. Want your kids to eat more veggies? This is the tastiest hack. It's savory decadence!

Regular Price: $19.99

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For the Chocoholic Who Doesn't Live In Miami:  Coco Love

The healthiest, creamiest, most delicious vegan hot chocolate powder on the market will keep your chocolate-addicted friend warm and healthy this winter. Raw cacao, coconut milk, carob, 20-blend mushroom powder, naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup powder. Have you ever seen another hot chocolate with these ingredients? Didn't think so. 

Regular Price: $29.99 (8 oz tin); $32.99 (12 oz pouch)

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For the Caffeine Junkie or Tea Aficionado:  Organic Super Matcha Green Tea

One of the healthiest teas on the planet, our shade-grown, antioxidant powerhouse Matcha tea delivers a rock-steady supply of 35 mg of caffeine per serving that lasts 4-6 hours. It's perfect for someone who is trying to quit coffee or reduce their intake. Contains 60 times more antioxidants than spinach and 17 times more than blueberries!

Regular Price: $28.99 (1 oz tin); $100.99 (4 oz tin)

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For the Plant-Powered Exercise Enthusiast:  Super Protein

Choose from original, chocolate or vanilla, all of which contain the most nutrient-dense plant proteins on the planet that won't leave you feeling bloated or with that horrendous chalky feeling in your mouth. Nope, these vegan complete protein powders are silky smooth with no fillers and nothing artificial. We also add all-natural digestive enzymes to make sure it's super bio-available. You work out hard but you shouldn't have to digest hard. 

Regular Price: $52.99

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For the Frustrated, Yo-Yo Dieter:  Super Lean System

Your friend or loved one has tried every fad crash-and-burn diet, only to gain all the weight back as soon as he or she quits. Finally, here's a weight management program that's sane, pleasurable and provides long-lasting results. Super Lean System combines Superfood powder, Super Protein and Super Fiber+. To use, skip breakfast and/or lunch, and instead make a quick shake with all 3 powders, then eat a sensible dinner. It's filling and fuels the body's 37 trillion cells with the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet, preventing cravings later on. 

Regular Price: $159.99

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For Someone Concerned About A Long, Dark Winter: Ultimate Immune Kit

Immune system support doesn't get any more comprehensive than this care package we've put together for your friends and loved ones. Includes NOSE, which is like a bouncer at a bar for your nasal passages, keeping the bad guys out of your sinuses; Super-C-Biotic, a tarty, tangy citrus powder with over one thousand (1000)% full-spectrum vitamin C and 20% vitamin A, with gut-health-promoting 5 billion colony-forming-units of probiotics; IMMUNE TONIC, an adpatogenic herbal throat spray; Super 'SHROOMS, a 20-blend mushroom powder; and IMMUNE CANDLE, an air-cleansing, long-lasting, clean-burning coconut wax aromatherapy candle. Can't find these products at your local drug store, that's for sure!

Regular Price: $97 (small: 2 oz tins of Super-C-Biotic and Super 'Shrooms); $160 (large: 8 oz tins)

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For Your Friend Whose Spirit Animal Is A Sloth: Super Fuel

Just like it says on the product page, "Get a Mind & Body Lift Without The Crash!"

They'll perk up without the jitters with this core super food powder, thanks to the libido- and stamina-supporting maca root, the stimulating power of whole-leaf matcha green tea powder, and the anti-aging-supporting benefits of goji berry and other adaptogenic ingredients that help neutralize the harmful effects of stress. 

Regular Price: $52.99 (10.6 oz); $84.99 (21.2 oz)

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Can't Decide? Take The Easy Way Out: Gift Card

Let them choose the gift of health. They'll love being able to pick their own superfood products and non-toxic personal care items. You can never go wrong with an online gift card!

Regular Price: $50 and up

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